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Sorores et Fratres: Soy defendedor de causas sociales-políticas nobles y pundonorosas. Empero, no creo en defensores mefistofélicos que lucran con los anhelos de equidad y buena voluntad universal de los seres humanos. Porque la justicia demanda ética, discernimiento y valor. Y en lo aparentemente indescifrable es menester descubrir su esencia de verdad. Comedido abrazo, afectos y los mejores pensamientos, para que Dios y el Universo bendigan a usted, familiares y amigos… con su luz y sabiduría, con su amor y misericordia, con su paz y alegría. ¡Estoy a favor de la Paz! ¡Dios, ilumina y bendice las buenas obras e ideas! ¡Dios, ilumina mi fe y caridad! ¡Dios, iluminame para saber que hacer, decir y evitar! Amen. ©Pablo Felipe Perez Goyry.

Sorores in Fratres: I defendedor pundonorosas noble and social-political causes. However, I do not believe that profit advocates mephistopheles longings of equity and universal good will of human beings. Because demand justice ethics, insight and courage. And the seemingly indecipherable is necessary to discover the essence of truth. Demure hug, affection and best thoughts, that God and the Universe bless you, family and friends... with his light and wisdom, his love and mercy, his peace and joy. I am for Peace! God, enlighten and bless the good works and ideas! God, enlighten my faith and charity! God, enlighten me about what to do, say and avoid! Amen. ©Pablo Felipe Perez Goyry.

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1 de julio de 2010

¿Qué comen las personas en el mundo? - Autor: Peter Menzel

¿Que comen las personas en el mundo?
 Autor: Peter Menzel

Biographical and Bibliographical Information

Peter Menzel & Faith D’Aluisio

     Peter Menzel is a freelance photojournalist known for his coverage of international feature stories on science and the environment. His award-winning photographs have been published in GEO, Stern, Le Figaro, Der Speigel, Paris Match, Focus, Muy Interesante, El Pais, National Geographic, Smithsonian, the New York Times Magazine, and Time. He has received a number of World Press and Picture of the Year awards.
     Faith D’Aluisio is a former award-winning television news producer. She is the editor and lead writer for the book-publishing imprint Material World Books.
     The couple lives in the United States in Napa, California. They have four sons: Josh, Jack, Adam and Evan.
     In 1994 Peter Menzel created the bestselling book Material World, A Global Family Portrait, (Sierra Club Books). This epic work of photojournalism focused on the material possessions and daily lives of average families around the world. Material World and has been excerpted worldwide and is translated into Japanese and German.
     This was followed by Menzel and D’Aluisio’s first collaboration, Women in the Material World (Sierra Club Books, 1996). This book explored the lives of women around the world, and builts upon the documentary work of Material World: A Global Family Portrait to which D’Aluisio contributed. In 1996 Women in the Material World was named one of the year’s Ten Best Books for the Teenaged by the New York Public Library.
     In 1998 the team published Man Eating Bugs: the Art and Science of Eating Insects, a worldwide look at the human consumption of insects. This critically acclaimed book, a Material World Book imprint distributed by Ten Speed Press, won the 1999 James Beard Award for Reference and Writings on Food.
     Menzel and D’Aluisio authored a fourth photographic book about robots and their creators, called Robo sapiens: Evolution of a New Species, (The MIT Press, 2000). The initial robot photo reportage for Stern Magazine in Germany that led to the book Robo sapiens, was awarded first place for science photography by the World Press Photo 2000 in Amsterdam.
     Menzel and D’Aluisio’s latest book—released in November 2005—is another around-the-world exploration of average daily life in 24 countries—this time focusing on food. Hungry Planet: What the World Eats, details each family’s weekly food purchases and average daily life. The centerpiece of each chapter is a portrait of the entire family surrounded by a week’s worth of groceries accompanied by interviews and detailed grocery lists. The book received the coveted James Beard Best Book Award in 2006 and was awarded Book of the Year from the Harry Chapin World Hunger Media Foundation.
     Menzel and D’Aluisio are now working on another world-wide nutrition book to be completed in 2009.
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